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Would you like to change your professional or personal situation? Are you looking for orientation and qualified support for this process? I am looking forward to supporting you in your endeavours. Together we find new perspectives, create new options and thus enable further development and (re)orientation!

I’m Dr. Imke Franzmeier a trained cognitive psychologist/neuroscientist and coach with plenty of experience working in academia in Germany and the UK with people of all levels at university. I am passionate about helping others to find solutions, perspectives and ways of life that make them happy. I love sharing my experience and knowledge and I am committed to supporting others to do what they really want to do!

For students, doctoral researchers and postdocs

Based on my extensive knowledge of the academic system and its challenges, I offer workshops, coachings and consultations (in English and German) especially tailored to the needs and concerns of students and young scientists.

Coaching matters, for example:
• Is a PhD the right choice for me?
• Am I on the right track? What’s the next step?
• How can I cope with the pressure of academia?
What are my options outside of academia?
Academic career! But how?


Workshops, for example on:
• Reflecting goals: finding your own path (on motives, goals and a bit of career planning)
• Focused work style and time management
• Career planning: linking personal preferences and job choices


Consultation, for example on:
Setting priorities to reach your goals
• Work profile analysis and personal career planning
• Your academic career – Study, PhD, Postdoc, professorship
Starting a job: application check and interview training


We pay attention to what we are told to attend to, or what we’re looking for, or what we already know… what we see is amazingly limited.

Daniel Simons, Cognitive Scientist
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